Under floor heating has proved to be both economical and good for the environment.

Both Warm Water and Electric systems provide an even heat distribution throughout the room, instead of concentrated in one place.

This radiant warmth enables the consumer to turn down the heating by a few degrees without feeling any colder. Statistics have shown under floor heating to be up to 35% more fuel efficient than a conventional radiator system.

Because of the low running temperatures of under floor heating it can easily be linked to run off renewable energy sources such as solar panels and heat pumps in addition to the more conventional boiler systems and wood burners.

Convenience without compromise.

Our under floor heating can be installed to operate as stand alone or can be linked to an existing heating system. This makes under floor heating the ideal choice for conservatories and extensions, and means you can retain the present heating system in the rest of your property.

A huge advantage with under floor heating is that you can arrange your furniture the way you please. Radiators always seem to be in a space needed for something else and the heat source invariably gets blocked by furniture. Radiators tend to be on outside walls under windows and much of the heat is lost instantly. Our systems are hidden beneath the floor, allowing the heat to gently rise providing a warm ambient temperature. You will have no ugly radiators and no pipes along the wall to detract from the décor.

For this reason under floor heating has proven very popular in all kinds of properties from architecturally designed minimalist projects to sympathetic renovations where aesthetics are paramount.


The right choice for safety and security

Hot radiators present danger where the young, elderly and infirm are concerned. Under floor heating dispenses with these obvious dangers and so is proving extremely popular in Nurseries, Care Homes and Hospitals.

It is a sad fact that in this day and age the scrap value of metals has led to the theft of radiator and boiler systems from certain institutions. Local authorities are therefore recognising the security benefits of under floor systems.