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article by: Cozi-Zone at: 23 January 2017 under:
Is your under floor heating system performing as effectively as it should? The benefits of an under floor heating system should be immediately apparent regards aesthetics, and over time this economical way of heating the home should be reflected in the fuel bills. However, at Cozi-Zone we are increasingly being called out to assist with poorly performing systems. Inadequate levels of insulation and insufficient pipe runs are the most common problems. More worryingly we have encountered systems where costs have been cut by substituting pipe. Today we visited a property where the floor had cold spots. Unfortunately for the homeowner, further investigation revealed tiny leaks in the body of the pipe buried under the screed. The system had been fitted by a builder who had clearly cut corners on the products he knew his customer would not see, or know anything about. In this instance the only solution will be to dig out the floors and lay new pipe and screed. Aside of the added expense this will mean considerable upheaval for the homeowner. We cannot stress enough the importance of employing a fitter experienced in laying under floor heating and it goes without saying the quality of the pipe is paramount. At Cozi-Zone we use LK Pex A and Pe RT cross linked polyethylene with oxygen barrier (DIN 4726) manufacturer standard EN150 22391. And for added peace of mind, the pipe is marked at every metre with full production details right down to the very time it was manufactured.