• 1. Can you install carpet on top of underfloor heating?

    Yes, but the overriding factor is the tog rating of the carpet. If you cover the system you will not feel the full benefit of the underfloor heating because the heat will not fully be able to penetrate through into the room. Most carpet manufacturers these days will say whether the carpet you are choosing is suitable for ufh.

  • 2. Can underfloor heating replace radiators?

    Yes, most definitely. Underfloor heating dispenses with ugly, bulky radiators freeing up valuable room space and at the same time it’s more efficient too; A warm water system typically uses between 15 and 40% less energy than a radiator system (confirmed by tests carried out by BSRIA).
  • 3. What is the best floor to be placed on top of the heating system?

    Underfloor heating is suitable for all types of covering although the best outputs are generally achieved with tiles and stone.
  • 4. Is it suitable for a conservatory or extension?

    Yes, underfloor heating is ideal for an extension or conservatory. A warm water system can be incorporated into the existing radiator circuit by means of a mini-shunt and temperature controlled with a thermostatic head or separate room thermostat.

  • 5. What type of pipe is used?

    Pipe is arguably the most important part of the system, it will after all be buried under the floor and the consequences of a leak can be catastrophic. At Cozi-Zone we only supply the very best available - manufactured by Lagerstedt & Krantz Sweden. The brand is the preferred choice of fitters for its strength, flexibility and reliability.
    Pe-RT 5 layer, 6.0 bar, +60degC/+70degC oxygen barrier DIN 4726 EN ISO 22391
    Pe-Xa 10 bar, +70degC/+95degC KIWA UK
  • 6. Am I able to install the system by myself?

    Yes many of our customers have self- installed, leaving just the mains connection (gas boilers/electrics) to a qualified tradesperson. Installation manuals are available online, along with our free technical phone back-up.
  • 7. How long does it take for the system to be delivered?

    We can tailor delivery to suit you, if it’s urgent we can dispatch next day but we can also schedule dispatch to tie in with other site works as necessary.
  • 8. What is the most efficient system water or electric?

    With lower running costs, and lower running temperatures water systems are considered more efficient. Warm water systems can run at only 16% (1/6th) of the running costs of an electric system.